An Update from Superintendent Sherry Elwood: Clarification of Utilization Targets

over 2 years ago
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To our Parents and Community,

I am following up on information that the District recently received from the Ministry of Education in regards to the 95 per cent utilization target for Capital Planning requests.

Since 2008, school districts have been using utilization targets to support the business cases required by the Ministry of Education for new space acquisition and seismic mediation. Our discussions with the Ministry have been guided by the need to show purposeful action in maximizing our utilization rates from their current rate of 81 per cent towards a target rate of 95 per cent. This work also needs to recognize shifting demographics within our District as well as a continuing decline in enrolment.

Recent consultation with the Ministry of Education's Capital Division affirmed that our work towards efficiency is appropriate. Linked to this update is a letter from the Ministry of Education’s Capital Division which we hope will help clarify some of your concerns surrounding our long range facilities planning process.

We have openly shared in our consultation process with the Richmond community that we continue to be challenged with seismic issues and difficulties in offering equitable programming. These are our own District issues which we need to solve to provide long term sustainability for our students.

We will continue to listen to the Richmond community and work with the Ministry of Education as we move forward with our long range facilities planning.


Sherry Elwood
Superintendent of Schools

Ministry of Education Capital Division: SMP Clarification

Consultation has concluded