English Language Learners

about 1 year ago

In Richmond, we support over 5000 students in their language acquisition of English. Many of students are born here in Canada or come to us from other parts of the country or world. Regardless of where our students are from, our ELL and classroom teachers, administrators and support staff work hard to help all students feel safe and included. ELL is a support rather than a “program” to be passed or finished. Our goal is to provide additional support to students so that they can eventually access the B.C. Curriculum academically and independently. Our Provincial government provides schools with limited funding for five years; however, much research has proven that it typically takes 5-7 years for a student who is immersed in English to become academically proficient in English. Our ELL teachers provide support in a variety of ways. In-classroom support, pull-out targeted instruction, small group support and collaborative planning and teaching are just a few possibilities. Teachers work together and assess students’ needs on an ongoing basis and adjust the type of support a student may need throughout the year.

Ministry Policy and Guidelines for ELL: