Let’s Talk – Core Competencies

over 1 year ago
Corecomp 2017b

Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies

The core competencies are the intellectual, personal, and social skills that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep and life-long learning. B.C. has identified three core competencies as essential for all learners:

· Communication

· Thinking

· Personal and social competency

The Core competencies are directly related to students becoming educated citizens.

Throughout the year, each student will have on-going opportunities to self-reflect on the core competencies so that they may identify strengths, stretches and steps for further growth. Parents are encouraged to have conversations with their children about their Communication, Thinking, and Personal and Social growth. At the end of the year, the Core Competencies will be included on the final report card.

For more information, please go to the Ministry of Education website: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/competencies