What are Enhancement Agreements and how do they help Students?

almost 2 years ago

An EA is a commitment made by each school district, involving all local Aboriginal communities and the Ministry of Education, to work together to improve the success of all Aboriginal students. Richmond signed its second AEAA in February. The agreements are based on mutual respect and trust and represent a five-year vision of success for First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit students in each school district. Agreements are developed locally by each school district and its Aboriginal communities. The goals focus on student success, and agreements are designed to highlight the importance of academic performance as well as other areas of success important to Aboriginal communities. They also increase knowledge of Aboriginal peoples among students and staff. Enhancement agreements establish programs and services that reflect the culture of local Aboriginal people and increase knowledge and respect for that culture among all students and staff. Agreements emphasize how important traditions, culture, language and history are to Aboriginal student development and success.

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