• Team member, Ken  Hamaguchi
    Ken Hamaguchi
    Chairperson @ Richmond School District

    Ken has lived in Richmond for the past 50 yrs, and is a graduate of James Gilmore Elementary, Hugh Boyd Jr. High and Steveston Sr. High. Ken and his wife Mette have 2 sons, Trevor and Jeremy, who are both graduates of the Richmond school system. Ken is grateful for the schooling that he and his kids have received and credits their teachers and schools for teaching them not only the academic skills - but also the social and life skills that has helped prepare them for life after grade 12.

    Upon graduation, Ken earned a Diploma in Therapeutic Recreation and a Degree in Arts (major in psychology). During this time, Ken began working with children with autism. Now entering his 35th year in the field, Ken has been running a private consulting service for the past 17 years. Ken is also the Executive Director of a local minor hockey association. He has done this for the past 5 years and has earned accolades winning Sport Executive of the Year (Richmond Sports Council) and Minor Hockey Executive of the Year (Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association). As a new Trustee, Ken looks forward to supporting the students, the families and the schools of Richmond. Given the challenges of the past year, he believes that it is important that we not overlook the many successes that our district has enjoyed. The students, teachers, administration and support staff, have all worked very hard towards making school a positive and successful place to learn and to work. Ken looks forward to working with everyone over the next 4 years. Ken Hamaguchi is the school liaison for Hamilton Elementary, Kingswood Elementary, McNeely Elementary, Mitchell Elementary, Talmey Elementary, Cambie Secondary and McNair Secondary.

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  • Team member, Sandra Nixon
    Sandra Nixon
    Vice-Chairperson @ Richmond School District

    Sandra Nixon has lived in the Lower Mainland since 1992 and in Richmond with her husband Bryn since 2003. She has two school-age children and is an active school parent volunteer. She is passionate about the central importance of education in the health and vitality of the community as a whole. Serving in her first term as a trustee, Sandra is dedicated to advocacy for ensuring the school system is well supported and funded, so that every opportunity is given to students to reach their potential. She believes schools need to be safe, inclusive places which attend to studentsí social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, in order to support learning and success. Sandra is an ordained minister with the United Church of Canada, currently serving a congregation in Vancouver. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting & finance, has worked with several non-profit organizations in the Lower Mainland and has extensive board, committee and policy governance experience. Sandra is an active volunteer in the community, and is a volunteer leader with the Richmond Girl Guides. Sandra Nixon is the school liaison for Brighouse Elementary, Dixon Elementary, Grauer Elementary, Gilmore Elementary, Quilchena Elementary, Sea Island, Boyd Secondary and Richmond Secondary.

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  • Team member, Debbie Tablotney
    Debbie Tablotney
    Trustee @ Richmond School District

    Debbie Tablotney has resided in Richmond since 1982. Together with her husband Andrew she has raised three sons all of whom have attended school in Richmond. Debbie has a long history of commitment to her school district and to her community. In her early years she helped found a child disability parent support group, and served for 4 years as PAC Chair of Westwind Elementary. Debbie was first elected to the Board in 2002, was re-elected in 2008 and again in 2011. Her long serving community involvement earned her a nomination for Richmond’s Volunteer of the Year in 2007 and Ethel Tibbets awards in 2009. In her spare time she runs half marathons and utilizes her accounting skills in her family owned insurance agency in Richmond. Debbie originally sought election to the Board in 2002 over her concerns for budget cuts being proposed and how they might impact the district. She wanted the district to find ways to maintain the elementary band program and to minimize the impact to special need students. While serving on the board she has advocated for stable funding, as well as assessment practices and programs to help struggling students to improve their literacy skills and increase their level of achievement. Debbie believes her strength as a trustee lies in her ability to listen to concerns and to approach each issue with an open mind and make each decision in a calm, reflective manner. Her principle-centered leadership allows her to make difficult decisions when called upon, always putting the student first. Debbie Tablotney is the school liaison for Blundell Elementary, Errington Elementary, Maple Lane Elementary, McKinney Elementary, Wowk Elementary, Steveston-London Secondary and Continuing Education.

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  • Team member, Donna Sargent
    Donna Sargent
    Trustee @ Richmond School District

    Donna Sargent has been a resident of Richmond for over 25 years and has been actively involved with the Richmond School District since 1991. Donna has been married for 30 years and has two children Jenny and Greg. Donna and her husband, Chris love living in a city that is safe, fun and friendly. Donna ran for office of School Trustee because she believes in public education. She believes that every child in Richmond is entitled to the very best education possible. Donna believes passionately a strong, democratic society needs a strong, vibrant and respected public education system. She believes that investments in public education are essential to secure future economic prosperity and creates our community's leaders of tomorrow. onna has been a dedicated advocate and has worked tirelessly to ensure such a system. She believes working very closely through meaningful involvement with stakeholder partners is the key to that success. By bringing the communityís voice to the decision making table she believes will ensure the system you create is what your community wants. Donna has completed her fourth term as School Trustee and her extensive track record has given her a reputation of being a hard working, principle-centered and trustworthy team player. Some of her involvement includes Chairperson of the Board of Education, Personal and Finance Committee, Chairperson of the Council Board Liaison Committee, Special Purpose Task Force on land issues, Career Development Advisory Committee, City of Richmondís Sister City Committee, Richmond Substance Abuse Task Force, Traffic Safety Advisory Committee to name a few. Donna has also been very active with the British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA). She chaired the Metro Branch, worked on many committees and was recently elected as a Director on the BCSTA Board. She believes that with her knowledge and experience she can contribute to making a difference at a provincial level as well. Donna believes more than ever that the school district needs strong, hardworking, caring leadership; leadership that has a balanced view and makes decisions that are best for children. Donna Sargent is the school liaison for Byng Elementary, Diefenbaker Elementary, Homma Elementary, Steves Elementary, Westwind Elementary and McMath Secondary.

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  • Team member, Heather Larson
    Heather Larson
    Trustee @ Richmond School District

    Having worked with the Richmond School District for 19 years as an Educational Assistant, Buyer and Homestay Coordinator I have firsthand experience of the challenges faced by all to provide quality education. I also understand the dedication this district and community members have to offer.

    I am a trustworthy and hardworking individual with a thirst for knowledge and understanding. I will listen to your issues and connect with students, parents, staff and colleagues. Our students are our future and they deserve the best education. I believe it is crucial to build and maintain a professional network with our stakeholders, staff, students and their families. We need collaboration not competition.

    My passion is to build confidence and trust while working together as a team to meet our goal of excellence and quality education. 

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  • Team member, Norm Goldstein
    Norm Goldstein
    Trustee @ Richmond School District

    Norm completed his Ph. D. in Mathematics at Cornell University in 1979, and moved to Richmond with his wife, Rivian, in 1994. During this time, Norm spent 20 years working in high tech in Richmond, and served as a Richmond School Trustee during 2011-14. Norm has also served on the boards of Richmond Jewish Day School and the Sharing Farm, and is currently VP of the Richmond Food Security Society.

    Norm believes that students should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. For many students, this entails tailored programming, for example, for Special Needs students, and in Incentive programming in individual schools, or the Incentive District Program.   Students need a safe, accepting environment in order to grow in learning, and to engage with other students.

    In addition to his passion for education, Norm enjoys cooking for his family (whole grain products, no added sugar), playing guitar and taking walks. 

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  • Team member, Richard Lee
    Richard Lee
    Trustee @ Richmond School District

    As an experienced school trustee, city councilor and lawyer, I have helped people with their problems for 40 years while serving with empathy, understanding, integrity and diligence. As a school trustee I hold myself accountable to you.  I have learned from my neighbours over the last 40 years about their concerns for their children in school.

    My key priorities include:

    • The need for a school in our city centre
    • Seismic upgrades for our schools
    • Making schools more accessible to our community groups after school hours
    • Working with the Ministry of Education for additional resources for our students and our teachers
    • Working with parents when we, the Board of Education, make changes in our schools

    I will work with my fellow trustees in Richmond and my fellow trustees across B.C. Together we are strong.

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