Conclusion of Current School Closure Process

about 2 years ago
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The Richmond Board of Education has voted to terminate the current school closure process. The following motion was approved by the Richmond Board of Education:

WHEREAS the Board of Education (Richmond) has undertaken an extensive public consultation process designed to inform the public about the declining enrollment and seismic mitigation challenges facing the school district;

AND WHEREAS as part of the public consultation process the Board of Education (Richmond) sought input on possible school closures;

AND WHEREAS the recent announcement by the Minister of Education that capacity targets will no longer be required for school districts to qualify for seismic remediation funding;

AND WHEREAS the Provincial Government, through the three Richmond MLAs, has provided public assurance that seismic remediation funding is available for all schools in Richmond;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the current school closure process be terminated;

AND FURTHER THAT staff be directed to update the Five Year Capital Plan to include all Richmond schools that require seismic remediation.

Consultation has concluded