Superintendent's Report on School Closure

about 2 years ago
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In August 2015 the Richmond School District began a public consultation process with the Richmond community to discuss the future of our schools.

As a result, 16 elementary schools were identified as possible closure options and a consultation process seeking questions and feedback from each of these school communities was enacted. District staff worked to combine feedback from the schools and communities with the application of Policy 704R to inform all future decisions.

The result of this work has led to the Superintendent’s recommendations that the Board of Education consider the closure of Woodward, McKay and Dixon elementary schools, to be effective July 1st, 2017.

Trustees will meet with each school community in the coming weeks to listen and discuss their thoughts, concerns and questions. Trustees will use this feedback to inform their final decision to be made on October 17, 2016.

In the event that Trustees choose to close any or all of the schools recommended for closure, it will be important that affected school communities will be supported. To that end, closure committees will be supported at each school. These committees will have representatives of parents, staff, administrators and students. The Chair of these Committees will be the Area Assistant Superintendents assigned to the school

The superintendent's report on school closure is available below:

Superintendent's Report on School Closure.pdf

Consultation has concluded