Career Education

over 1 year ago

When people hear the term “Career Education”, many think, “I’m going to learn about what I want to be when I grow up”. While that may be a component, the larger aim is for students to become aware of their personal attributes, skills, interests and areas for growth, in the context of family, school and the community. Through a variety of experiences, this curriculum provides opportunities for students to explore in greater depth their passions and to begin to establish pathways toward their goals. In an ever-changing world, many of the jobs our children will have, do not yet exist. That is why it is critical to support them in recognizing and developing skills that transfer to other fields. Through awareness, exploration and a variety of experiences, students will learn flexibility, resiliency, and discover areas that motivate and inspire them to transition toward their own individualized career pathway. Explore the BC Career Education curriculum at:

Parents may view several career education resources on the SD38 Career Programs website: