Literacy and Learning in our Schools

almost 2 years ago

Literacy is one of the pillars of BC’s re-designed curriculum. It is central for success while at school and beyond the K-12 school years.

Literacy encompasses reading, listening, viewing (Comprehend and Connect) and writing, speaking and representing (Create and Communicate). To be literate is the ability to make meaning using a variety of forms of communication.

In school, students will use literacy skills across a variety of subject areas to share ideas, make meaning and show their learning in different ways. The curriculum uses a variety of materials to learn about who we are, where we live and that there are multiple perspectives in the world. Students will also use their literacy skills to read and view a range of materials such as stories, film, informational texts, dramas, maps and visual images to learn and understand diverse perspectives ranging from Canadian content to international content. The aim is for students to experience the joy of reading while being able to use their literacy skills as an important thinking and communication tool.

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Lisa Schwartz & Rosalind Poon